“I’m so grateful for Delegate Loupassi’s tireless work to support small business owners in the City of Richmond.  As I was opening my new business in 2015, I approached Delegate Loupassi for help with a certain outdated law that was limiting the growth of my company.  He quickly responded and worked diligently to propose new legislation.  He is committed to helping support small business and to drive economic growth for our community.”

Allison Bridges

When a well meaning but misguided law jeopardized my new business venture, a VA conservation officer suggested that if I didn’t agree with the law I should contact my delegate.  Admittedly I sarcastically replied “Yeah right!  Like some politician is going to listen to a backwoods redneck rant and rave about selling turkey toes”.

Well it turns out someone did listen – Manoli Loupassi.  Delegate Loupassi listened to my concerns and recognized that this over bearing, ill conceived law had far reaching detrimental effects beyond its original intention, restricting the arts, trades and general commerce and business.

As a constituent of his district, Manoli didn’t see me as a stone-age redneck but as a working class artisan trying to better his life.  And he took action on my behalf.

On July 1, 2016 Del. Manoli Loupassi, my delegate, was successful in passing a bill uncontested that allowed me to legally sell Turkey Toes.  This may seem absurd to most people, seen as a waste of time and taxpayers dollars to legislate the sale of a turkey toe, but then how absurd was it to waste the original time and money and loss of revenue to compel the General Assembly to pass a law making their sale illegal?

By passing this law, Del Loupassi opened the door for responsible, ethical stewards of the Commonwealth of VA to use regulated natural resources for the purpose of commerce.  This law also brings forth out of the shadowy backwoods the very serious issue of illegal poaching and exploitation of VA game, fauna and fisheries.  Think about this – before the debate over “Turkey Toes” how many people really knew that VA snapping turtles are being decimated by overseas poachers or that black bears are being slaughtered at an alarming rate for only their gall bladders, appeasing a far eastern appetite?

Perhaps now, thanks to Del. Loupassi taking a chance on a “Turkey Tale”, the people understand that far reaching, overbearing blanket laws have a tendency to smother prosperity and make the whole system run afoul.

Del. Loupassi gave me a voice among the masses of the misinformed.  I may be out in the woods banging on rocks and scavenging “road kill turkey toes” but at least now I can legally make a living doing it.  Manoli Loupassi is a delegate for the people, by the people.  But he is nothing if you don’t speak your mind because otherwise your opinions are strictly for the birds.

Kevin Baker

“In 2016, after meeting with health and physical educators, Del. Loupassi worked to pass legislation requiring at least 20 minutes of physical activity per day or an average of 100 minutes per week during the regular school year for students in kindergarten through the fifth grade. This legislation demonstrates his commitment to the health and wellness of school- age children.”

Jack O′Donnell